A Healthy Hue

By Lindsey Galloway

Forget tanning as the path to beautiful skin color: The skin hues that people find most attractive stem from healthy lifestyles, suggests new research from the United Kingdom. When asked to use computer software to adjust the color of Caucasian faces to make them appear as “healthy” as possible, study participants generally increased the pink and yellow hues.
Researchers attribute the preference for pink to subconscious attractions to people with strong circulatory systems, since a healthy heart and lungs mean more blood flow to the face. As for yellow, scientists suspect that diets high in carotenoids—antioxidants found in colorful fruits, vegetables, and certain fish and poultry—make skin appear more golden and, therefore, healthier to onlookers.

You can score a vibrant visage with your next meal. Just pair carotenoid-rich wild-caught salmon with an antioxidant-packed berry glaze, suggests Elizabeth TenHouten, author of Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin (Hatherleigh Press, 2009). Poach salmon in boiling water for 10 minutes; then top with a glaze blended from 20 blackberries, 20 raspberries, and
1/4 cup honey.