Global (Skin) Warming

By Lindsey Galloway

Turn up the heat on your beauty routine this winter with the latest trend in skincare: warming products. Because heat increases circulation, a product that warms your body will relax your muscles and help beneficial ingredients penetrate the skin. A few that get us fired up:

Soypure Maximum Benefit Revitalizer. This gadget uses a special candle to melt soybean oil to the ideal temperature for a collagen and elasticity boost. Apply the
liquid to your skin for a quick antiaging lift. $265;

PerfectSense Massage Lava Shells. Mix the ingredients together inside a real tiger clamshell, and within five minutes, you’ll have a warm massage tool. (A great way to heat things up this Valentine’s Day!) $19.95;

Aromafloria Sensory Fusion Mango-Ginger Warming Sugar Polish. Ginger has long been viewed as a warming spice in the Indian ayurvedic tradition. Rubbing this blend over your body will instantly increase circulation—an essential step in banishing cellulite. $25;

Thermasoft Self-Heating Therapy Mitts. These unique gloves come lined with a therapeutic, petroleum-free wax that melts after you add water to the outer liner, which contains the heat-producing mineral zeolite. Slip ’em on your hands or feet during the cold, dry days of winter for a heated moisture boost. $15;

Warning: If you have problems with rosacea, you may want to avoid anything that gets too warm, as heat can make redness worse.