Pork Fillet Coated in Honey and Mustard With Grilled Apples

Weekly Recipe: 

Pork tenderloin

Apple juice


Dijon Mustard



Olive oil

Soak maple plank in apple juice overnight.

For this marinade, work with a ratio of 2:1 honey to Dijon mustard. Mix. Lightly coat the meat in salt, pepper, and olive oil and then briefly sear on the open grill before placing it on the plank. Brush with the honey and mustard sauce. Slice an apple into wedges and slices, and place these around the fillet on the plank to cook. Cook until the pork is no longer pink. Slice into medallions, garnish with the apple slices, and drizzle the leftover sauce over everything.

Source: Samantha Linsell, drizzleanddip.com