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  • The Special K Brand Marks January 2 National Weigh-in Day

    Brand Releases Survey Results to Help Change Women's Conversations about Weight Management

    A recent survey by the Special K brand indicates that weight loss is often top-of-mind at the beginning of the New Year, with 67 percent of women saying it is the ideal time to begin a weight-loss plan.

  • NPR Health Poll Finds Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation Popular New Year Resolutions

    For 2012, 51% Plan to Exercise More; 35% Plan to Lose Weight

    Roughly one-third of Americans say they have made a New Year's resolution to lose weight in the last five years and 42 percent of people who said they smoke regularly in that timeframe pledged to quit the habit, according to the Thomson Reuters-NPR Health Poll.

    Thomson Reuters and NPR conduct a monthly poll to gauge attitudes and opinions on a wide range of health issues.

  • Flip for Fitness


    This New Year, stop making resolutions and start working on a better, healthier you. One way to get there is to literally flip your fitness routine on its head with the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table. Inverted exercises and stretching will help you:

    >> Develop a stronger core which is your best defense against back pain;

  • Just 21% Of Seniors Say They Will Make New Year’s Resolutions For 2012

    “Get more exercise” and “lose weight” top respondents’ list of possible resolutions

    Just days away from the start of a New Year, a survey of 479 seniors revealed that just 21 percent plan to make New Year’s resolutions for 2012 while another 26% said they might.

  • Old Age? It's a Matter of Opinion, Poll Says


    Baby Boomers, who once said "don't trust anyone over 30," now think old age doesn't start until 77, according to a study by Marist Institute for Public Opinion conducted for Home Instead Senior Care.

    How old is old? Your answer depends on your age. And it depends on your gender.

  • Causes of Obesity Complex

    Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) Partners with Obesity PPM to Increase the Understanding of Obesity

    In January 2012, the OAC and Obesity PPM will launch a long-term online educational initiative to increase understanding of the complexity of obesity and its many causes. The disease of obesity impacts individuals physically, emotionally, economically and socially. This initiative will look at various factors, both controllable and uncontrollable, impacting individuals affected by obesity.

  • New Food Trend Finds Consumers Embracing "Conscious Cuisine"


    Now is the time of year when most Americans resolve to make positive lifestyle changes toward better health. Often, though, these resolutions are too stringent and short-lived. When it comes to food, there's an emerging trend of Conscious Cuisine, offering consumers a path toward pleasure while preserving their health and the health of the earth.

  • Health Coupon Website Launched provides discounts for health related products
    [title] officially launches the fully functional version of their interactive coupon site focused on health products such as vitamins, supplements, and other wellness related items.

  • Weight Watchers Proclaims 2012 'The Year to Believe'

    Weight Watchers Inspires People with New Ads Featuring Jennifer Hudson and Charles Barkley, and through a Continuing Partnership with Dr. Oz

    A reason to believe in tough times—it's something millions of Americans yearn for right now. A flash of optimism that can ignite confidence, the will to persevere, a new idea, a fresh outlook and, just maybe, the inspiration to transform a whole life.

  • Don’t Skip Dental Checkups

    Cutting costs? Don’t cut back on preventative oral health care

    With the economy slow to recover, Americans continue to cut costs and conserve money. The Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) reminds the public that good oral health is vital to overall health and urges people of all ages to not neglect their oral health care.