Women: Stop Putting Life on Hold While Waiting for Mr. Right

Valentine's Day can be a lonely day for single mid-life women who are having reservations about their lives as opposed to making romantic dinner reservations. Self-Love Sherpa Wendy Baudin invites them to reframe their lives without relying on a dinner date, life partner, or spouse to complete them. Since 2008, Baudin has influenced hundreds of women to step into more fulfilled lives and commit to making their boldest dreams real without depending on Mr. Right.

In their book Flying Solo: Single Women in Midlife, authors Carol M. Anderson, Susan Stewart, and Sona Dimidjian describe this circumstance as a new American lifestyle and a new American Dream. A Scientific American study also reveals that mid-life blahs are almost universal, not forever, and that happiness is absolutely possible after the 40's.

Baudin agrees. "We can all enjoy happy, fulfilled lives. The time to begin the journey is today," so declares Baudin.  She offers these tips to wake up women to begin now.

#1. You are in control of your happiness now without depending on another person for validation. "Create a loving and respectful relationship with yourself and your life will fall in place better than you ever dreamed it could be," says Baudin, who serves as a wisdom guide for mid-life women in her private mentoring program and offers a home study system to offer ongoing, 24/7 support and encouragement.

#2 Celebrate your solitude and make mindful choices. Celebrate your solitude and treat your time alone as an opportunity to take better care of yourself. You are worthy of love and respect. "Your life is a garden. You have the choice to see the weeds or create a beautiful garden of your own design," Baudin advises.

#3 Acknowledge that you are a survivor who deserves the best in life. "The trauma, drama, and chaos you've endured have tested your resilience. You may feel like damaged goods with too much baggage. Your self-confidence may have taken a beating, and you may be exhausted and confused. Realize your true value and discover strength from within to overcome obstacles to see the true beauty that has always been within," she offers.

#4 There is nothing wrong with being single. In fact, in order to truly find your ideal partner, you must begin by being complete and happy within yourself. No one else can do that for you. This inner happiness applies to every area of life and just not for the ideal partner. It also influences your health, career, finances, appearance, spirituality, and environment.

#5 Lighten up and have fun doing what you love to do. Your life mission is to be happy and to give and receive love without any harm to others.

-Do you feel happy no matter what is going on in your life?

-Have you acquired that stability of knowing that you have control of your thoughts and emotions no matter what is going on in your outside world?

-Are you happy right now right where you are?

"If you answered 'No' to any of these questions, it's time to make some life-changing mindset adjustments," she says.

"As the architect for your life, you may feel as if you are burdened by too much heavy furniture to see opportunities. In our work together, I do the heavy lifting as you gain the confidence to make important personal discoveries that can change your life at the foundation. The goal is to build the life you deserve and love it for the rest of your life," Baudin says.

Baudin welcomes media interviews and speaking invitations to share her tips with women ready to embrace happiness as mid-life singles.

Mid-life women who are ready to say "yes" to happy fulfilled lives now can schedule a complimentary "Release Your Baggage Discovery Session" by calling 850.384.3701 or sending email to wendy@wendybaudin.com.