Will You "Stick It, Steam It or Stack It"?

Extreme Summer Grilling Tips

Ever grilled a banana split or a salad? Celebrate flavor this summer with the Extreme Grilling Guide from Bonterra, America's pioneer in organically farmed wines. Bonterra has teamed up with the winery's Chef and Organic Life Aficionado Lia Huber to inspire you to go beyond burgers and brats with daring dishes that will get your grill on!

"The idea of Extreme Grilling came from exploring what 'organic life' means to all of us at Bonterra," explains Lia. "We realized that part of it is stepping out and trying new things, forging new paths. That's key to who we are—Bonterra was a leader in organic farming more than 20 years ago, before green was considered cool, because we've always believed that organically-grown grapes make better wine."

But there's nothing stuffy about this philosophy: "Organic life is full of spontaneous chuckles and belly laughs. It's fun!" says Lia.  "We're always saying, 'What if we…?' and 'Let's try this!'  We want to share that spirit to help people push their boundaries a little and have a good time at the grill this summer."

Bonterra's Extreme Summer Grilling Guide shows you how to take your summer fun to the next level. You'll learn how to build great grill flavors using techniques Lia calls "Stick it, Steam it or Stack it!" and pair them with Bonterra's pure, flavorful wines that are perfectly in tune with nature.

>>Stick It: forget ordinary skewers and use fragrant fresh rosemary branches to infuse flavor.
Recipe: Rosemary Shrimp Skewers with Grilled Pineapple-Avocado Salsa
Wine pairing: the rich yet crisp Bonterra Viognier offers creamy apricot and peach notes that play up the shrimp's herbs and tangy tropical fruit.

>>Steam It: use parchment paper pockets to steam in aromatics and retain flavorful juices.
Recipe: Grilled Garlic-Slathered Cherry Tomatoes in Parchment
Wine Pairing: Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc matches the tomatoes' acidity with vibrant grapefruit, lime zest, and melon flavors.

>>Stack It: pile your main ingredient on top of fresh herbs, fennel fronds, or a salt block to stack up complexity!
Recipe: Chive-Crusted Scallops Seared on a Salt Block  
Wine pairing: creamy Bonterra Chardonnay's buttery notes frame the rich scallops with honey, toasted almond and citrusy lemon flavors.

There's even more fun to be had with additional recipes for garden-fresh produce, seafood, chicken and even desserts! To get started, check out bonterra.com for a full list of recipes, how-to videos and even hot summer tunes you can download—and watch for great coupons in your local grocery store for Bonterra wines and Earthbound Farm produce.  Here's to summer!