Why is the World Still Focused on Diets?


Why do people go back time and time again, putting themselves through the suffering, misery, restriction and failure, so desperate to succeed, but never really getting anywhere?  Weight loss coach, Jo Mason is on a mission to solve this problem through her Defeating Diets weight loss program.  

Weight loss coaching since 2007, she says, "I get so frustrated listening to the endless, heart-breaking dieting histories of my clients. They trust in these crazy diet fads and just end up feeling even worse than they did at the start."

This obsession with diets is like an addiction, caused by initial results which, understandably, keep people hooked. At the beginning you are motivated, excited and hopeful at the prospect of feeling better and when you see a few pounds gone this state of mind is heightened. Until a few weeks in, when the unrealistic nature and restriction becomes too much to bear. The diet drops you from a great height, leaving you there feeling like a failure. However, the hook of those first lost pounds makes you go back for round 2, or 22 as the case may be!

Jo Mason, through her Defeating Diets program, wants to save people from this vicious cycle and end the misery by providing a much more successful alternative to dieting. She adds, "Sometimes I feel like standing on top of a huge building and shouting 'Losing weight doesn't have to be so hard!' at the top of my voice. The problem is people just don't realise you can lose weight without dieting. They are so used to being told what to eat, they just can't comprehend that it's possible to be successful without all the rules, but in fact it's the ONLY way to long term success."

The Defeating Diets tailor-made weight loss program does just that by focusing, not on rules and regulations, but on re-educating clients on the real reasons behind their food problems and providing solutions. Ultimately, clients end up with a completely new life, free from guilt and anxieties about food and weight. A recent Defeating Diets client, who has lost over seven stone on the program, added, "If I had known about this when I started gaining weight, then I wouldn't have got to the state I was in. It's not even something you should think about, you should just go ahead and do it. This is the best thing I've ever done!"

Find out more about how to defeat your diets by downloading Jo's FREE E-BOOK from DefeatingDiets.com. If you want to talk to her in person, email her and ask for a complimentary insight session at jo@DefeatingDiets.com.