What to Know When Selecting Health Care Providers and Facilities for Your Family


Nothing is more important than the health of your family.  So when it comes to finding the right health care provider or selecting the right rehabilitation or long-term care facility, it pays to do careful research. The following tips are brought to you by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) that could be useful as you search for an accredited facility or certified health care provider.  Make sure you cover all bases and provide your family with the care they deserve.

Tips When Searching for a Certified Health Care Provider

>>Ask if he/she is certified, and if so, by what board or authority.  Certification is designed to ensure that health professionals are qualified, capable and prepared to perform the required services.

>>Request documentation to confirm certification.

>>Question the provider about his/her level of education, training and experience in the desired field.

>>Inquire about any specialty certifications or other skills that might apply to your needs.

>>Ask for references and perform independent research to determine suitability to provide the care.

Tips When Searching for an Accredited Health Care Facility

>>Ask management if the rehabilitation or long-term care facility is currently accredited, and if so, by what board or authority.  Accreditation means the facility has met certain standards.

>>Ask to see relevant documentation to confirm the facility's commitment to quality and evaluation.

>>Inquire how the quality of care is measured and monitored by the facility.

>>Check the benchmarks by which the facility is compared to on the regional and national level.

>>Review client satisfaction surveys and perform independent research on each potential facility.