Weight Loss That Fits You


For the past 30 years, companies like McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts, and Pizza Hut relied on his research to know what food you wanted to eat. Now, the man responsible for helping feed you delicious food for three decades is using the same science to help Americans lose weight during the holiday season.

Award winning Harvard scientist Dr. Howard Moskowitz, the marketing wizard who made brands like Prego and Vlasic household names, has used his research to uncover the secret to weight loss. Dr. Moskowitz brings his innovative mind-typing science to the masses through www.KnowMeNome.com, a series of free, online "Mind Genome" quizzes that help anyone lose weight, sleep better and apply the science of their mind to everyday use. Howard Moskowitz, also known as The Food Doctor on ABC News, is currently available for interviews about his exciting breakthrough.

"People struggle through the holidays to keep off those unwanted pounds," said Dr. Moskowitz, who has been called "The Food Doctor" by ABC News. "My studies show that there's no reason that most Americans can't find a weight loss method that will still be effective despite the onslaught of fruitcakes and Christmas cookies. KnowMeNome tells you what weight loss method will work for your brain, and therefore what weight loss method will work for you."

By analyzing the data from thousands of studies, Dr. Moskowitz was able to boil the statistics down to the fundamental elements that determine how the brain reacts to various weight loss methods. Realizing the huge practical implication of his research for an increasingly overweight population, he used these fundamental elements to create a simple tool that allows a person to discover the wiring of their own mind by answering three to five simple questions. "People think they know what they want, but their brain really knows. With KnowMeNome, people can find out what their brain knows."