Vitamin Angels Partnership Helps to Save Millions


Vitamin World concluded its third successful "Angels for Moms" campaign, to benefit Vitamin Angels, on June 30, having raised approximately $400,000. During the months of May and June, Vitamin World celebrated moms worldwide by giving customers in its stores the chance to make a donation to Vitamin Angels at the register. Between product donations from Vitamin World, a division of NBTY, and contributions from Vitamin World customers in stores, Vitamin World is on track to surpass the impressive milestone of reaching ten million children with essential vitamins through its partnership with Vitamin Angels.

"The reason that Vitamin World is able to have such success in providing these essential nutrients to children in the US and other countries is because of the tremendous support we get from our customers," said Vicki McGuire, Senior Vice President, Vitamin World. "Our partnership with Vitamin Angels provides us with a conduit through which we can help provide wellness and health to those who are unable to access it on their own."

Since 2008, Vitamin World has dedicated five months out of each year to fundraising in-store as well as on its company website. The two annual campaigns, "Angels for Moms" and the holiday campaign, are enthusiastically promoted by Vitamin World Associates who work tirelessly to fundraise and help Vitamin Angels bring life-changing and lifesaving vitamins to children in need.

Additionally this year, Vitamin World is donating 75 million children's chewable multivitamins, manufactured specifically to Vitamin Angels formulation and specifications to at-risk children in countries all over the world including Vietnam, Haiti, Guatemala, Nigeria, Peru and Madagascar. The contributions from Vitamin World and NBTY have also supported the expansion of Vitamin Angels' US program, which will reach approximately 70,000 women and children this year.

"I knew the Vitamin World 'Angels for Moms' campaign was going to be a huge success from the moment I heard about it at their annual meeting," said Howard Schiffer, President and Founder of Vitamin Angels. "I could see the dedication in the eyes of their Associates and their enthusiasm to bring better nutrition to their own customers while helping children around the world. The Vitamin World team has always exceeded our expectations—we are truly grateful!" 

In the months of October, November and December, Vitamin World will hold another campaign dedicated to raising money for Vitamin Angels by asking customers to make contributions at the register. In 2012, Vitamin World's Holiday campaign raised over $530,000 for Vitamin Angels. With the conclusion of its 2013 campaigns, Vitamin World anticipates achieving its goal of 10 million children reached.