Vegetarian Food Pioneer Lightlife Partners With Urban Farming to Encourage Americans to "Plant Our Future"

Partnership dedicated to ending hunger, empower people to feed themselves, and encourage healthier living

Lightlife and the non-profit organization Urban Farming have teamed up in an effort to build healthier communities and end hunger by helping people become self-sustainable through the simple act of gardening.  Supporters can join the cause and start their own vegetable garden when they request a free tomato plant Starter Kit through the "Plant Our Future"  promotion on the Lightlife Facebook page.

Lightlife, the leader in refrigerated meat alternatives, has a rich history of giving back to the community, and for the past 30 years has contributed five percent of its profits to organizations that support the earth and healthy lifestyles. The partnership with Urban Farming is an exciting new endeavor that makes for a much greater impact on the communities served by Urban Farming.

Lightlife is donating $150,000 to Urban Farming to help support their mission to end hunger in our generation and create economically sustainable communities. In fact, the Lightlife donation can help grow 25 tons of food, feeding an estimated 50,000 people, while helping families become self-sustainable. Lightlife will also continue to support local community organizations through smaller donations, in the Lightlife philanthropic tradition.

Supporters Can Help Plant the Seeds of Sustainability
Through May 2012, Lightlife is asking supporters to "Plant Our Future" via a promotion on its Facebook page and will ship a tomato plant starter kit to consumers who mail in two proofs-of-purchase from any Lightlife item, while supplies last. The tomato kit comes in a recyclable bag to plant the tomatoes seeds along with easy growing instructions and recipe ideas. Consumers can visit the Facebook page to download and complete a mail-in form that needs to be sent along with the two UPC codes and receipt for the kit. Anyone who "likes" the Lightlife Facebook page or shares news of the "Plant Our Future" promotion within their social communities will help Lightlife and Urban Farming meet its goals and will be a part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain.

"Lightlife and Urban Farming are working together to help ensure that all people across America have access to healthy food so they can eat well and travel light, one plant at a time," says Phil DeWesteer, brand director of Lightlife. "Growing your own vegetables is a simple way to positively impact your health, your family's health and the health of the planet. And with the "Plant Our Future" initiative, it's never been so easy to do something that really matters."

Lightlife is one of the pioneers in vegetarian food options and has been an important part of the diets of vegetarians and vegans for the past 30 years. Their tagline, "Life is a Journey...Live Long, Travel Light," embodies Lightlife's passion to inspire the world to live healthier and reflects a mindset of responsibility toward our earth's resources.

Lightlife's focus on personal health and the environment is perfectly aligned with Urban Farming, as they work to create an abundance of food for people in need by encouraging people to plant gardens on unused land and space. To date, Urban Farming has planted and facilitated more than 58,000 residential, partner and community gardens around the world since it began in 2005 with three initial gardens. Additionally, through the Urban Farming Free Plant Giveaways™ -- which the "Plant Our Future" promotion falls under – the organization encourages people to grow their own food, cut down on their monthly food bills and learn about a balanced diet, lifestyle and mindset.

"We are excited to partner with Lightlife, which has a long history of giving backing to local communities, on the "Plant Our Future" initiative," says Joyce Lapinsky, head of program development and strategic alliances for Urban Farming. "Lightlife's philosophy to help Americans lead healthier lives aligns perfectly with the Urban Farming mission and together we help empower and inspire thousands of Americans to become engaged in making healthier food choices."   

Tracking the Campaign through Social Media
Throughout 2012, Lightlife will work closely with Urban Farming to promote planting gardens across America and a shift to healthier communities. Lightlife's own Blog-itarian, Rachael Collins, will capture this journey on her blog, beginning with the launch of the partnership at Natural Products Expo West – the premiere organic, natural and healthy living trade show in the World - in early March.  As Urban Farming healthy workshops and garden activities unroll around the country, Collins will share first-hand the impact that they are having on local communities.

Additionally, Lightlife and Urban Farming are encouraging people in their online social communities to "Plant Our Future" by sharing the Facebook promotion within their Facebook and Twitter communities to help drive awareness of the partnership and how to positively impact communities of need. Those who mail in for a "Plant Our Future" tomato plant starter kit may also register their gardens, share their personal experience with "Plant Our Future", and make a donation on the Urban Farming website They may also support Urban Farming by following them on Facebook and Twitter