Understanding Heart Disease

Health Dialog recognizes American Heart Month

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, affecting more than 26 million Americans each year. In an effort to spread awareness and information, Health Dialog is making its heart health decision aid “Living with Coronary Heart Disease” publicly available for the month of February.

Health Dialog’s heart health decision aid provides patients with the information necessary for living with coronary heart disease, including helpful tips for living a heart healthy lifestyle and resources for understanding how to manage the disease and treatment options. Patient-friendly illustrations and a dictionary of medical terms provide information and insight necessary to proactively manage the illness.

“Living with heart disease can be overwhelming and confusing,” said Peter Goldbach, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Health Dialog. “Health Dialog makes information and resources available to patients and their loved ones to ensure they have accurate information at their disposal and feel empowered throughout the disease management decision process. Our decision aid provides patients with resources to improve many aspects of their health including helpful tips on quitting smoking, being more active, improving nutrition, and lowering cholesterol.”

Health Dialog’s award-winning suite of patient decision aids cover a broad range of topics and are available online and in DVD/booklet format. The company’s decision aids are currently available to more than 15 million individuals and are distributed as part of Health Dialog’s Total Population Health Management programs, which include analytics to find the right people in a population, engagement tools and techniques to catch their attention, and expert health coaches to empower their choices and change their behavior.

In addition to the decision aid offering, Health Dialog offers the HD Care Compass tool, a separate web and mobile site that supports patients after the decision to have a surgery or a medical test has been made. Available to the public, the HD Care Compass resource currently covers seven different surgeries and tests, including education and support for cardiac catheterization, a medical procedure used to diagnose and treat coronary heart disease.

To view the Health Dialog decision aid “Living with Coronary Heart Disease”, please visit: healthcrossroads.com/example/crossroad.aspx?contentGUID=d2000315-b297-40a3-9435-f099a54ee15c.

To access Health Dialog’s HD Care Compass tool on cardiac catheterization, please visit: hdcarecompass.com/Patient-Guides/Cardiac-Catheterization.