Understanding Diabetes Animated Series Released

A Comprehensive Explanation of Diabetes for Kids

Health Nuts Media announces the completion of Understanding Diabetes, a seven-part animated video series designed to educate children and their parents about diabetes diagnosis and management. This series adds to the growing library of digital health literacy content Health Nuts Media has made available to hospitals and private practice physicians for their pediatric patients.

"Our goal at Health Nuts Media is to create much-needed health education that is not only informative, but fun," says Health Nuts Media CEO, Tim Jones. "We were surprised that there were so few diabetes resources geared toward kids, despite the growing prevalence of diabetes among children."

Understanding Diabetes is made up of seven short episodes that educate children about type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The videos explore diabetes diagnosis, living with the disease, the importance of diet and exercise, and regular blood glucose monitoring.

Health Nuts Media creates animated content and interactive video games that help children and adults better understand health issues so that they can make more informed choices and become more engaged in their own health outcomes. In collaboration with leading physicians, nurses, and health educators, Health Nuts Media's Emmy Award-winning animators continue to develop a growing library of health and wellness titles that address serious pediatric health challenges like asthma, diabetes, and common medical conditions.

Watch the videos at http://blog.healthnutsmedia.com/watch-understanding-diabetes/.