Ultra Immune Introduces First of Its Kind Daily Supplement


Ultra Immune, a provider of high-quality, efficacious health and wellness products, today introduced an all-natural supplement specifically designed to support the immune system. Ultra Immune is made for everyday use, and gives the body everything it needs to be healthy and strong.

Physical and emotional stress, fatigue, poor diet and overexposure to new places can challenge even the strongest immune system. Ultra Immune is a sustainable, organic supplement that is reduced from natural plant and herbal raw materials, and is manufactured with precise quality standards and detailed attention to preserving underlying nutritional value.

Ultra Immune was founded by an entrepreneurial family with a strong background in the biomedical and life science industries who set out to create a distinguished legacy of effective health and wellness products.

"We're excited to introduce Ultra Immune as a daily supplement that gives your body everything it needs to operate at peak performance and empower you to live, work and play on your terms," said Rob Donnelly, CEO and founder of Ultra Immune. "We are setting a new standard by offering products that are not only effective, but also sustainable, all-natural and botanical – making you feel good about what you're doing to support your health."

Ultra Immune is made in small batches that are hand-crafted to preserve micronutrients and the integrity of each extracted ingredient—all without the use of alcohol. Alcohol is often used in the supplement industry as a catalyst to speed up the manufacturing process or act as a preservative, which is an unnatural approach and can result in an inferior product. Ultra Immune is also the first of its kind to combine ten premium ingredients into each bottle, with a specific scientific basis for including each.

Consumers are often bewildered by what supplements to take and why, with many people taking too much of the wrong supplements and overloading their system with unnecessary ingredients. Experts generally agree that the baseline of supplements that are important for supplying the body with the daily nutrients it needs to stay healthy include immune system support, a quality multi-vitamin, Omega-3 and Vitamin D3. Ultra Immune will be introducing new products to their line next year to offer a full set of supplements for everyday use.

Ultra Immune is available for purchase online with free shipping throughout the U.S. through the Ultra Immune website.