Traditional Medicinals® Responds to Rising Canadian Interest in Herbal Medicine with New Teas, Packaging Overhaul


Three out of four Canadians are now using natural remedies to maintain and promote good health, according to a recent study by the Canadian Health Food Association. Responding to this growing trend, Traditional Medicinals, Canada’s leading medicinal tea brand, is expanding its best-selling line of natural health products and making it easier for consumers to find solutions to common health complaints.

The new products accompany the brand’s first packaging update in nearly a decade, which is intended to increase awareness of the healing benefits of plants and entice curiosity. Traditional Medicinals is experiencing double-digit growth in Canada, where more than 60 percent of consumers are weekly tea drinkers according to the Tea Association of Canada. Traditional Medicinals expects the rebranding effort to help expand the currently underdeveloped medicinal tea category by making its products more approachable.

“More North Americans are realizing that natural herbal remedies such as medicinal tea and herbal supplements can be just as powerful as their synthetic counterparts,” said Blair Kellison, chief executive officer of Traditional Medicinals. “As a company with a long history of creating trusted herbal formulas, our aim is to revamp medicine cabinets across the country by making it simple for consumers to find high-quality, natural products that provide safe and effective relief from common conditions.”

New Teas Address Common Health Concerns

Traditional Medicinals new teas are intended to address Canadians’ most common health complaints, which according to the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation and Journal of Psychiatry include digestive upset and sleeplessness. Organic Nighty Night® Valerian, which builds on the popularity of best-selling Organic Nighty Night®, is traditionally used as a nighttime sleep aid that helps with nervousness. Also joining the line-up are Organic Lemon Balm, traditionally used as a sleep aid and calmative, as well as Organic Fennel, which traditionally helps relieve common digestive disturbances.

Refreshing New Hibiscus Tea

For everyday enjoyment, Traditional Medicinals is introducing Organic Hibiscus, a blend of hibiscus, lemongrass, and blackberry leaf that has a refreshingly tangy, mildly fruity, and lemony taste.

Brand Evolution Invites Consumers In

The company’s comprehensive line of 36 teas produced in Canada will undergo a significant packaging overhaul this fall. The rebranding will segment the teas into nine wellness categories: detox, digestive, green, herbal, laxative, relaxation, seasonal, tonic, and women’s. In addition to a new logo; herbal imagery; and an updated, friendlier look, the segmentation is meant to awaken curiosity and make it easier for consumers to identify products based on their health needs.

The four new teas are available now in grocery, drug, and natural food stores across Canada for the suggested retail price of $4.99 – $6.99 per 20-count box. New packaging is appearing on store shelves now, with a full transition expected by early 2014.