The Top 10 Reasons to Stimulate Brain Function and Have Fun Doing It!


"The newly enhanced version 2 of Brain Swaggle, the quick thinking word game that requires strategy and offers 12 levels of play has just been released," said Gary Downing, founder of the game and company of the same name. This new version is literally explosive from the first page and will challenge people of all ages and skill levels. Plus, we guarantee that the more difficult levels will take even the most adept wordsmiths to task, Downing continues.

"Preventing mental decline is important to us all," Downing says. "Every day there is more and more research validating the importance of staying mentally active. When it's all said and done, achieving and maintaining a healthy brain improves your over-all quality of life enabling you to: 

1. Slow the again process

2. Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's/Dementia & early age on-set (40's)

3. Improve memory

4. Complete Your Bucket List!

5. Spend more time with your children

6. Watch your grandchildren grow up, enjoying their plays, sporting events, Birthdays and Holidays

7. Enjoy your retirement years

8. Spend quality time with your husband or wife

9. Travel to see all the places you have always wanted to see

10. Live Life Independently! 

"Imagine adding an additional 2, 3 or 4 years of healthy living to your life."

Neurosurgeon Dr. David Rickson says, "Brain Swaggle uses broad areas of the brain. Just spelling itself uses four areas of the brain, and you combine that with strategy and planning." He continues, "Anyone who plays the game will see their cognition improve in ways they didn't realize they needed."

To play Brain Swaggle, each player takes a turn choosing a letter and every new letter chosen must continue to build a valid word when added to all previously given letters. The goal is to be the first player to end the word on one of their subsequent turns. However, each turn can change your word, causing you to adjust and rethink a new strategy. Every turn is timed anywhere from 60 seconds down to 15 seconds, and the word length varies as well. Game pieces move in accordance with how many letters the word has.

"Each level gradually gets more challenging," Downing continues. "This affords people of all ages and stages in their individual level of learning to have fun and benefit. The option to advance to the next level is available when a player chooses to; otherwise, they may stay at their current level until they feel comfortable to move on."

To learn more about Brain Swaggle and their guarantee, register and play for free "right now" at to see what everybody is talking about!