Tips to Prevent Back Pain as New Year’s Resolutions Fade Away


BackJoy, a groundbreaking company in posture and back pain management, along with celebrity fitness trainer Ashley Borden, release the “Sit Right – Stretch Right” online video program for easy-to-follow back exercises and stretches that can be done in the comfort of the office or home. The convenient program offers an easy way to better your back as a countless number of Americans will drop their gym memberships after “resolution hump day” on January 30th and not be getting the exercise or stretching they need for a healthy back.

With eight of 10 Americans experiencing back pain in their lifetime, posture and stretching are two key factors to help stop back pain from happening (Mayo Clinic). Unfortunately, proper desk posture is often overlooked and 80 percent of new gym memberships purchased in the New Year will go unused by the time Spring rolls around. Simple, attainable techniques and stretches that are done in the office can improve overall back health, make sitting more comfortable, and may even lead to higher productivity.

In addition to the “Sit Right – Stretch Right” video program and link offered online, BackJoy has made the program’s photos and written steps available for redistribution on the company blog ( All videos, photos and written stretches can also be obtained by contacting BackJoy.

Detailed exercises include:

Lower Ab Connect – Posture and core techniques

Push and Pull – Shoulder and chest stretch

Cat and Dog – Full back stretch and release

Seated Shoulder Stretch – Release and loosen tight shoulders from desk posture

Kneeling Quad Stretch – Frees up movement for the quad and pelvis

More easy exercises and tips from Ashley Borden can be viewed on her website