Is There a Boost in Fertility During Winter?

A high autumn birth rate points to a winter peak in fertility

With Valentine's Day, consistently cold weather, and school vacations, you might think that February is the month when most babies are conceived. That would translate to more births around November than any other time of the year. According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, however, more births take place in September than any other month, making December the month with the highest fertility rates.


By participating in regular sex and employing the knowledge and treatment options from experienced San Diego fertility experts, men and women can increase their odds of joining the hundreds of thousands of Californians giving birth after a winter conception.


Since the fertility window in each woman is often unpredictable to the untrained eye, couples can increase their chances of becoming pregnant by having more sex, granted that both partners are young and healthy with viable sperm and eggs. Daily sex places the odds of conceiving at about 37 percent. The chances decrease to 33 percent for couples who are intimate every other day, but weekly sex cuts the odds by more than half, to 15 percent.


The most critical factor in getting pregnant, however, is not the amount of sex a couple has, but the timing of that sex. San Diego fertility clinics train couples to detect a woman's fertile period, which usually lasts six days: the day a woman is ovulating and the five days before it.


So why are more babies conceived in December and not in February? December is a month when couples spend more time together, even if just to celebrate the seasonal holidays. The mood at this time of year warms the cockles of the heart. Eggnog. Champagne. Mistletoe. Thoughts of warm fires and lavish gifts. It is not surprising, then, that more coupling may transpire in this month than any other. Even Valentine's Day cannot compete, at least statistically.


The holidays enliven thoughts of children more frequently as well, which entices couples to revisit their desire for starting a family. Fertility tips from a San Diego specialist can increase the chances of conception. For example, the Fertility Specialists Medical Group in San Diego reminds couples to relax when trying to conceive. So while many people stress out over the holidays, it's those couples who know how to take advantage of downtime on cool California evenings who may have the greatest success conceiving.


It's also likely that couples spend more time indoors in December, leading to more intimate nights. Consulting with a fertility specialist can give San Diego couples the tips and tactics they need to increase their chances of conception. Every little thing, from avoiding alcohol and tobacco to timing their sex during fertile periods, can improve their odds.