TherapeuticsMD Inc. Launches vitaMedMD One Rx, the First Daily One Pill Prescription Prenatal Vitamin with Quatrefolic and Plant-Based DHA


TherapeuticsMD Inc., parent company of vitaMedMD LLC ("vitaMedMD"), a specialty pharmaceutical company, announced that on April 9, 2012 it launched its second prescription prenatal vitamin, vitaMedMD One Rx, following the successful launch ofvitaMedMD Plus Rx last month. vitaMedMD One Rx is a single daily dose containing one softgel with 14 vitamins, minerals, and 200 mg of plant-based DHA.

Like vitaMedMD Plus Rx, vitaMedMD One Rx contains the same unique combination of folic acid and the patent-protected fourth generation folate, QuatrefolicBoth vitaMedMD Rxprenatal vitamins have the potential to further reduce the devastating impact of folic acid related deficiencies for patients and their babies. Now patients may choose between the single softgel formulation or the once-daily dose package containing our most comprehensive prenatal multivitamin in one tablet and one softgel.

John Milligan, President of the Company, stated, "After the successful launch last month of vitaMedMD Plus Rx, excitement is building within the medical community for a single softgel version. With the introduction of vitaMedMD One Rx, we will cover the needs of our target prescribers and ensure access to unique prenatal vitamins to all patients, whether they prefer a single softgel or a daily multi-dose prenatal. We look forward to the continued expansion of our prenatal line with new and innovative products that bring value to providers, patients, and payors."