Tea Time: New Book Provides Busy Consumers with Simple, Healthful Tea Recipes


Valerie Lull’s new book, “Ten Healthy Teas,” is a portal into the fascinating world of tea. Each section includes a description or history of a particular kind of tea, followed by a collection of recipe ideas. Lull covers teas ranging from green and black tea to lemon tea, echinacea tea, and ginger tea, to name a few.

Lull’s mission is to help those with hectic schedules enjoy the many benefits of tea. She explains that tea provides a way to pause and relish life’s simple moments. On cold winter days, she says, few things compare to a cup of piping hot tea. Her recipes are minimalist and require no obscure ingredients or special techniques, meaning even newcomers to the art and science of making tea will not be intimidated.

Reviews and testimonials for “Ten Healthy Teas” have been overwhelmingly positive. One satisfied buyer from South Florida writes: “Valerie Lull’s approach to healthy tea is simplistic and engaging. I personally can’t wait to try all of these different fascinating healthful teas.”

With cold and flu season knocking on the door, “Ten Healthy Teas” includes teas that can reduce the severity of common wintertime illnesses. Lemon tea, for instance, is chock full of vitamin C, while garlic tea is helpful when taken at the onset of a cold or sore throat. Both goldenseal tea and echinacea tea are well-known immune system boosters.

While tea has a rich tradition as a source of natural healing and health maintenance, it should not replace the advice of a medical professional.