Swimsuit Shyness


Swimsuit season has officially begun. But according to a survey just released by Nutrisystem Inc, a leading provider of weight management products and services, millions of Americans might not be sporting a swimsuit in public this summer. What's more, many may not have worn one in years.

The survey, conducted online in the US on behalf of Nutrisystem by Harris Poll, polled 2,033 Americans, both male and female, and found:

>>32 percent have not worn a swimsuit in public in more than five years, or ever
>>20 percent admitted to having not worn a swimsuit in 10 years or more
>>5 percent admitted to having never worn a swimsuit.

"For some, putting on a bathing suit can be very intimidating," said Dr. Anthony Fabricatore, psychologist and Vice President of Research and Development at Nutrisystem. "Ideally, people wouldn't be [as] ashamed of their bodies as they are. But when people decide to make a change, the important thing is to create a realistic plan. Losing one or two pounds a week for the next month may have some feeling a lot better by the Fourth of July."

Nutrisystem ambassador Melissa Joan Hart, who just recently revealed her 40-pound weight loss on Nutrisystem, is feeling confident and ready to put on a swimsuit again when she hits the beach this summer with her very supportive husband and three adorable children.

"For me, it was important to bond with my child, as opposed to 'lose the weight.' So I waited until I was ready, and I knew I had the time, and then I made it a priority that I would eat well," said Hart. "Now I'm really happy where I am. I'll definitely be showing off my new body in a bathing suit this summer."

For mother of two and Nutrisystem success story Cory Goodrich of Illinois, putting on a swimsuit was something she hadn't done in quite a long time. But after losing 40 and a half pounds on Nutrisystem, now she can.

"I'm back in a bathing suit after 12 years," said Cory. "I feel fantastic!"

Source: Nutrisystem Inc, nutrisystem.com