Survey shows: More and More People Feeling at Risk of Burnout


Nowadays, the requirements each individual faces daily are increasing enormously. Related to the zeitgeist multitasking is leaving its mark to numerous areas of our life, and time management develops to a permanent challenge. Fatigue, inactivity, concentration problems and sleeping disorders are often results and alarm signals of burnout. But how many people are really affected or at least at risk of the so-called widespread disease?

This question was thoroughly explored by FIT Reisen, a specialist for wellness and health-orientated tourism, who surveyed 600 clients aged between 20 and 69 years. The result is clear: 82.3 percent of all respondents are more stressed than in the past, 77.4 percent feel to bear higher loads and 69 percent regularly complain of sleeping disorders. In total, much more than half of all respondents (62 percent) consider themselves as being at risk of burnout.

In order to curb this gradual process, numerous people are seeking a healthy balance to their daily stress factors. Thus, FIT Reisen offers its clients more than 390 arrangements, which are perfectly suitable for burnout prevention. In this context, specific anti-stress programs, an Ayurveda trip to Sri Lanka ( or even a short wellness weekend ( provide recreation and rejuvenation from everyday stress and daily routines.

Please find more information about the burnout survey.