Surprising Beauty Tips for Looking Great After 60

Ageless beauty isn’t about finding the right makeup. Learn the real secrets to a fresh, healthy glow.

Expensive facial cleansers, anti-aging night creams, lip plumpers, hair dyes—they all promise to preserve youth.

But the truth is, ageless beauty doesn’t come in a high-priced jar or bottle. Beauty comes from confidence and healthy lifestyle choices that allow women of any age to feel their best inside and out. recently worked with leading experts, including dermatologists and nutritionists, to provide beauty tips for older adults. From reducing wrinkles to maintaining radiant skin, here are four tips for looking beautiful and feeling great after 60.

  1. Vary Sleep Sides. Regularly switching sleep positions can help keep skin smooth and minimize wrinkles.
  2. Let Hair Breathe. A too-tight ponytail or bun can exacerbate breakage and cause hair to start receding at the crown. Let hair move freely, or sweep it up loosely.
  3. Take a Yoga Class. The fluidity of movement and deep breathing inherent in yoga practice increases circulation and oxygen to the skin, giving the complexion a healthy radiance.
  4. Don’t Skip the Sunscreen. Even on overcast days, UVA rays penetrate the clouds and soak into the skin, increasing the likelihood of premature aging and skin cancer.

These subtle lifestyle changes can go far in improving health and self-esteem for those age 60 and older. In a new podcast from, Dr. Vivian Diller, former model, author, and clinical psychologist in New York City, provides additional insight into the changing face of aging and advice on ways to build confidence. Dr. Diller describes:

  •   *What it means to look and feel great as an older adult
  •   *Tips for setting a positive example for younger generations
  •   *Society’s shifting perceptions of seniors and aging
  • To hear all of Dr. Diller’s advice, download the free podcast, “How to Build Confidence as You Age.