Statins vs. Wellness Approach


The recent guidelines recommending broader consumption of statin drugs heighten the need for more public education about wellness care says the Minnesota Chiropractic Association™ (MCA). “The more that patients are informed and take a proactive approach through wellness care, the better position they are in to minimize exposure to potentially harmful side effects of some drugs,” says MCA president, Dr. Christian Kollar.

Drugs certainly play a very important and critical role in healthcare. However, the MCA would like to remind the public to strongly consider incorporating a natural approach to their healthcare maintenance routine when appropriate, and educating themselves regarding wellness options.

Statin use has been linked to an increase in diabetes, sexual dysfunction, cancer risk, exercise-related muscle injuries, anemia, cognitive loss, immune system suppression, and more. Therefore, the MCA wants the public to understand the importance of incorporating lifestyle changes such as eliminating breads, grains, and pasta from their diets and substituting fruits, vegetables, and healthy meats. Regular exercise has also been shown to reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol.

A wellness approach to healthcare allows the public to potentially minimize the likelihood of a lifelong commitment to drugs like statins. Chiropractic care is a drug-free, wellness-based, preventive approach to healthcare.