Start Today: Five Tips from Dr. Luis Pacheco on How to Stay Healthy During Diabetes Awareness Month


Diabetes is a serious epidemic in America with more than 26 million American children and adults suffering from it. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the disease has risen to the seventh-leading cause of death among Americans. November is Diabetes Awareness Month and a good time to take a pause and reflect on our health choices and lifestyles. In an effort to help raise awareness and encourage Americans to adopt a healthy lifestyle, Emmy award-winning Dr. Luis Pacheco has teamed up with America’s iconic zero-calorie pink sweetener, Sweet’N Low. Dr. Pacheco has provided five easy tips Americans can follow to help stay ahead of this alarming epidemic:

  1. Get Active: Introducing exercise into your daily regimen is an important step—especially if you are at risk of, or suffering from, diabetes. From dancing to your favorite tunes to taking a walk around your neighborhood, any activity can help! Getting active will help you to burn calories and lower your blood sugar … and it is even likely to lift your mood! 
  3. Watch Your Sugar Intake: We all love sugary sweets but overconsumption can put you at risk for obesity and diabetes. If you are already diabetic, cutting your sugar intake is one of the key elements in controlling diabetes. You can still enjoy sweet treats by using a zero-calorie sweetener, like Sweet’N Low, in place of sugar. Recipes made with Sweet’N Low, like Italian CheesecakeSweet Potato PieStrawberry Almond Smoothie, and Skinny Vanilla Cappuccino, are available to satisfy your cravings and cut your calories significantly. Replacing sugar with Sweet’N Low will also positively affect your waistline!
  5. Listen to Your Doctor and Medical Team: Your doctor and medical team know your specific medical history and personal needs. He or she should be your biggest resource if you are worried about your health. Listen to your doctor’s advice. If you have questions pertaining to your diagnosis or medications, ask them—they are the experts! 
  7. Eat More Fiber: Fiber helps slow digestion and the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream so it’s important that your diet is full of fiber. Try the Sweet’N Low Tequila Shrimp or Orange Herbed Chicken recipe with a side of whole grain rice or pasta and roasted or steamed vegetables. 
  9. Start Today: Are you worried that you might be at risk for diabetes? Don’t wait until you are diagnosed, start making positive changes now. Simple exercises and cutting sugars from your diet can make a big difference! 

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