Sport Chalet’s Top Holiday Gifts To Keep Kids Active

Specialty sporting goods retailer offers parents unique holiday gift ideas

This holiday season specialty sporting goods retailer Sport Chalet is encouraging parents to select gifts that support a healthy and active lifestyle for their kids, especially when technology makes it easy to provide hours of entertainment without ever leaving the couch. 

“Electronics and video games are often the go-to gift for kids nowadays, but they can lead to hours of being stagnant,” said Sport Chalet expert Robert Follett. “At Sport Chalet we encourage parents to buy their kids gifts that are not only out of the box, but will also get them moving and having fun.”

Sport Chalet’s Follett has compiled a list of the top five unconventional gifts for kids this holiday season:

1. For the speed fanatic in the family, Cardiff Skates make a great gift. The skates are designed to comfortably strap on to almost any shoe, making it easy to roll around the schoolyard or neighborhood. 

2. The Goalrilla All Season Trainer will thrill the high school athlete training for the big leagues. This versatile system is engineered to deliver training drills for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, golf, and more, turning an ordinary athlete into the star player.

3. For parents looking for cold-weather activities for their kids, the Snow Slider 54” T3 Molded Snow Sled will have kids racing to the nearest slope. This lightweight sled seats two and is designed for ultimate control and speed.

4. Give kids an extra incentive to get outside by letting them shoot their own adventure documentary. The GoPro Junior Chest Mount fits kids ages three and up, allowing them to capture escapades ranging from the swing set to the ski slopes to the little league field, while giving parents the chance to see things from their perspective. Added bonus, it also fits pets!

5. When it’s too cold to go outside, the Redline Optima Soccer Table will provide kids (and their parents) with hours of indoor fun, and help hone their hand-eye coordination skills.

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