Silk Celebrates Earth Month With Nature Conservancy to Focus On Water Conservation


In honor of Earth Month, Silk, the maker of plant-based food and beverages, will celebrate the universal joy of water through an educational and inspirational campaign encouraging consumers to reflect on and reduce their daily water footprint.

Recognized globally in April, Earth Month serves as a timely reminder that everyone can do their part to help conserve water. Contributing to conservation efforts is easier than most people think. Adopting small changes at home like turning off the water while brushing teeth, reducing shower time and being mindful of the water footprint of food production can help make a difference.

Plant-based products like Silk often require fewer resources than their animal-based counterparts as farmers must grow feed and raise animals for the finished product. Eating lower on the food chain is simply less water-intensive. Consuming Silk Original soymilk, almondmilk or coconutmilk instead of conventional dairy milk saves 500 gallons of water per half gallon, enough water to offset the equivalent of brushing teeth 500 times, 20 showers or more than 10 loads of laundry. Beyond making these switches at home, people can make a difference by being conscious of the products they buy and how much water it costs to produce and transport them.

"Consumers are often unaware that plant-based foods and beverages like Silk are not only delicious, but also a water-saving choice," said Craig Shiesley, president of Plant-based Foods and Beverages for Silk. "We hope to educate people about the importance of water conservation, and through the simplicity of simple swaps, inspire them to make water conservation a part of their everyday routine."

Silk celebrates the universal joy of water

Beginning April 4, Silk will dedicate to celebrate water as well as to educate consumers to inspire them to conserve water through a series of one-minute videos.

The series includes a short, animated educational demonstration that shows how choosing just one half-gallon of Silk Original over conventional dairy milk saves 500 gallons of water. The series also features a video with Esther Povitsky, star of MTV's "Esther with Hot Chicks," discussing a few of her more humorous encounters with water, as well as a video with Taylor Hawes, director of the Nature Conservancy's Colorado River Program. Hawes has made several notable contributions in the area of water conservation including acting as a champion for the Colorado River, a critical resource for people, farmers and wildlife in the Rocky Mountains and Southwestern US.

To further its dedication to water conservation, Silk partnered with The Nature Conservancy to support freshwater protection, restoration and conservation efforts. Each time a consumer shares any of the four videos through their social networks, Silk will donate one dollar to The Nature Conservancy, up to $20,000.

"Fresh water is our most precious resource – we depend on it for our quality of life," said Hawes. "It quenches our thirst, grows our food, powers our homes and, of course, we love to play in it, too; so we're thrilled about our partnership with Silk. It brings much needed attention and action to the important issue of water conservation."

People are encouraged to join the conversation and share their fun and nostalgic water adventures and water-filled moments where they are enjoying water in its natural state using the #yaywater hashtag. Consumers that participate will be eligible for the chance to win one of 200 indoor or outdoor water-saving prize packs. Grand prizes will be awarded to the five most compelling celebratory water images posted to Silk's Facebook page.

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