"Sidestep Dementia by Avoiding Animal Protein" Advises Leading British Psychotherapist


Leading UK psychotherapist Peter Field advises his patients to abstain from eating meat and animal protein if they value their long-term mental health. According to him, there is a direct link between consumption of animal protein and cognitive dysfunction, which may result in Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia.

Field, who is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Health and a regular BBC contributor, says that there is a clear connection between dementia, cognitive impairment and meat eating, as well as other diseases such as certain types of cancer and diabetes. "The research is very convincing," he states.

Field quotes Cornell University Professor T. Collin Campbell, author of The China Study and internationally acknowledged authority in the area of disease and diet: "Cognitive dysfunction tends to be much higher among people who are consuming an animal based diet. People with cognitive dysfunction have now been shown to have about a 6 fold increase risk of Alzheimer's disease."

Agreeing with Professor Campbell, Field says that the best way to avoid such problems is to adopt a whole food plant-based diet, which provides all of the elements necessary for good health—mental and physical.