Shade Brigade Aims to Help Thousands of Seniors Weather the Heat


With this summer bringing record heat to parts of the nation, an effort is underway to help those who are among the most susceptible to its dangers. Emeritus Senior Living is deploying its Shade Brigade with the goal of helping more than 5,000 seniors in weathering the high temperatures in coming weeks. The Shade Brigade, comprised of staff from Emeritus communities, will fan out to seniors’ homes to bring coolers filled with water, popsicles, fruit, and juice. The team will also check on the seniors’ wellbeing, provide heat-related safety tips, and invite the seniors to their local Emeritus community for a free meal and time to cool off in the air conditioning.

“The Shade Brigade reflects Emeritus’ Safely Somewhere philosophy, in which we do our best to ensure that seniors are living in safe, purposeful environments whether they reside with us or elsewhere,” said Emeritus Senior Living’s executive vice president, Budgie Amparo, RN, MSN, who oversees the organization’s health and wellness services. “With this summer’s heat posing such a hazard for seniors, we want to do what we can to help as the temperatures rise.”

People 65 and over are more prone to heat stress for several reasons, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are less able to adjust to sudden temperature changes, more likely to have a chronic medical condition that affects how the body responds to heat, and more likely to be taking medications that affect the body’s ability to regulate temperature or perspire.

To suggest a senior for a visit by the Shade Brigade, contact the nearest Emeritus community ( or