Scientific Evidence Continues to Support Eggs' Role in Healthy Diet


"Cardiovascular disease is a complex and individualized condition. While it is important to understand the relationship between the nutrients found in foods we eat and how our gut processes them, this singular study does not change the decades of research supporting the important role eggs play in a healthy diet. In fact, the media has misinterpreted the research and the authors' conclusions. As quoted in the Cleveland Clinic press release the principal investigator states, 'Our goal is not to suggest dietary restrictions of entire food groups. Eggs, meat and other animal products are an integral part of most individuals' diets.'  In addition, Dr. Hazen noted that these findings are not conclusive and simply 'suggest that further research into the involvement of gut microbiome in the development of cardiovascular disease could lead to new avenues in the prevention and treatment of heart disease.'

It will be intriguing to see how research related to TMAO evolves, as TMA - the precursor to TMAO - is commonly found in high levels in fish, which has been lauded for its role in a heart-healthy diet. In addition, a recent study conducted at Dr. Marie Caudill's lab at Cornell University found no changes in fasting plasma TMAO levels among pregnant and non-pregnant women following the chronic consumption of 480 mg of choline daily - the equivalent to approximately five eggs a day - for 12 weeks."

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