School Smarts: Keep Kids’ Brains Going Through the School Year with a Crunchy, Wholesome Snack


As students pack up their book bags and head back to school, parents must determine how to keep their children healthy and nourished for the coming year. From the time the alarm goes off in the morning till the bell rings at the end of the day, children have the opportunity to excel in the classroom, on the field, and in the lunchroom.

When it comes to snacking, it won’t be hard for parents to keep their children satisfied yet healthy with the help of Snyder’s of Hanover’s more than 30 different sizes, shapes, and flavors of pretzels. Here are some tips for how to help students establish healthy eating habits and stay fulfilled throughout long, busy days:

  • Always be prepared – Schedules can be hectic, but Snyder’s of Hanover 100-Calorie Packs, Honey Wheat Braided Twists, Pretzel Sandwiches, and Gluten-Free Pretzels are wonderful options for packing in lunches and tossing in backpacks or cars for on-the-go snacks. Each Snyder’s of Hanover variety contains up to 60 percent less sodium than other leading brands of pretzels.
  • Keep children hydrated – It is a common mistake to confuse thirst with hunger, especially in children, which is why it is important to send them to school with plenty of fluids. A refillable water bottle is a great option to have on hand. Also, be sure to have refreshing beverages handy when picking up children from a long day at school.
  • Add some crunch – Studies show a link between chewing crunchy food and increasing blood flow to the brain, which helps stimulate thinking. This makes Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels a great lunch box or afternoon option to keep alert and ready to conquer the rest of the day.
  • Incorporate nutritious ingredients in a fun way – In addition to enjoying pretzels on their own, you can add in other ingredients to create recipes and snack mixes for extra flavor and nutrition. Try a party mix with a variety of nuts for added protein. Snyder’s ”apple critter” recipe is fun way to incorporate fruit into your child’s diet. Children will have just as much fun making these snacks as eating them!


“Snyder’s of Hanover offers parents and children alike endless snacking options, from the great variety of pretzels to our fun recipe ideas,” said Bob Gould, marketing manager for Snyder’s of Hanover. “And with studies showing how important it is to snack on crunchy foods to help stimulate learning, pretzels really are a no-brainer.”

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