Scarfade Introduces Infographic on Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Scar removal products company offers insight into the secrets of beautiful skin and how to age gracefully
[title], a leader in scar treatment products, has introduced an infographic to help people learn the secrets of healthy-looking skin. Entitled “Keeping Your Skin Healthy,” it has some interesting facts and tips related to aging gracefully and improving the skin’s capacity to heal quickly.

“The ability to have healthy skin is affected by so many different parts of your life, like how often you exercise, what you eat, and how much you sleep,” said Erik Hanson, vice president of operations of “Simply following a regular exercise regimen and reducing stress levels increases the body’s ability to regenerate, creating a healthier body, mind, and soul.”

The idea behind the infographic was to provide a resource of information with interesting facts and tips. For example, it may surprise people to know that the average adult has about eight pounds of skin on the body or that 30-somethings should eat protein-rich foods for better metabolism.

To view “Keeping Your Skin Healthy,” visit Scarfade’s website at