Save the pillows, sleep better


Your pillow has a message for you: "Your snoring is annoying and could be dangerous to your health." Frequent loud snoring, pauses in breathing and gasping for air are not only habits that annoy your bed pillows, but could also be signs of sleep apnea. This serious sleep disorder has been linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. With its "Save the Pillows" campaign, Royal Philips is working to cast light on this often overlooked health issue, helping to educate the estimated 22 million sleep apnea sufferers in the United States, of which 80 percent are projected to be undiagnosed.

"Save the Pillows" takes a unique approach to raising awareness of sleep apnea by featuring pillows and their colorful commentary on the trials of living with an undiagnosed sufferer. Using humor to speak directly to at-risk patients and their bedmates (who are often the first ones to notice snoring and other symptoms), Philips aims to draw attention to the signs of this serious disorder and the consequences that may result without treatment.

"Representing the diverse audience of sleep apnea sufferers and their bedmates, the Save the Pillows campaign aims to broaden awareness about this disorder, as well as the importance of sleep health and overall wellness," says Teofilo Lee Chiong, MD, Chief Medical Liaison, Philips Home Healthcare Solutions. "With this campaign, we are encouraging everyone to be better informed about this serious health condition, take action to assess their risk and get treatment when needed."

The campaign, launching first in Texas, stresses the importance of recognizing the signs of sleep apnea and getting evaluated by a physician. The lead "spokespillows" aim to educate people on the warning signs of sleep apnea and to encourage people to take the quiz, which poses a few simple questions to assess risk of sleep apnea. In addition to the risk quiz, the campaign's main web site,, provides helpful tools, including resources to recognize symptoms, entertaining and educational videos, social media channels to follow, fast facts about sleep apnea and links to experts and organizations that can offer more information on the disorder.

Learn how undiagnosed sleep apnea can impact overall health and wellness, take the sleep apnea risk quiz, or share it with someone you care about. Save the pillows and sleep better by visiting