Santa Cruz Organic® and Oceana Make Waves for Ocean Preservation This Summer


This summer, Santa Cruz Organic® and Oceana will make waves to help preserve the ocean environment with the help of fans on Facebook. From now through August 24, 2013, consumers can visit the Santa Cruz Organic Facebook page to choose which Oceana ocean preservation and protection action will receive a$25,000 donation from Santa Cruz Organic.

Born in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Cruz Organic gained attention with varieties of delicious lemonades and limeade, all made with certified USDA organic fruit juice and available in recyclable 32-ounce glass bottles. Since its founding, the company has stayed committed to making organic foods while preserving the environment. The Choose for Santa Cruz Organic campaign draws from this commitment and consumers' passion to do good for the world. Through its partnership with Oceana and the help of consumers, Santa Cruz Organic hopes to make a positive difference for our oceans. This summer, you get to choose how Santa Cruz Organic will make a difference. Visit Santa Cruz Organic on Facebook and cast your vote for Protecting Marine Wildlife, Promote Responsible Fishing, Preserve Special Places, or Pursue Clean Energy.

"Oceana is thrilled to work with Santa Cruz Organic on this Facebook campaign," said Matt Littlejohn, Senior Vice President for Strategic Marketing & Communications at Oceana. "Social media is a powerful platform for engaging citizens and we hope the voters will also become advocates for Oceana's mission to ensure our seas can increase in biodiversity and help feed the one billion people who depend on the oceans for food."

Oceana understands the importance of preserving and protecting the world's oceans and is the largest international advocacy group working solely toward that end. Since 2001, Oceana has protected over 1.2 million square miles of ocean and countless sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and other sea creatures. Santa Cruz Organic is proud to partner with Oceana and help further their mission to protect the ocean and its creatures.