Ring in Spring by Using Unique Potato Types


Spring means warmer weather, flowers starting to bloom and more time spent outdoors, so why not ring in spring by adding light and healthy new potato recipes to the dining table? Chef and

Registered Dietitian Katie Cavuto Boyle stars in the US Potato Board’s “Seven Potato Types” educational video series and has created two new potato salad recipes perfect for the season. With seven unique potato types –Russets, reds, yellows, whites, purples, reds, fingerlings and petites –you can use a new type every night of the week!

“Potatoes are a nutritional powerhouse,” says Katie, a USPB “Real Mom” ambassador. “That’s why I like to use different colorful potato types as the base for light, spring salad dishes and then top with additional in-season veggies to round out a fresh, natural side dish.”

In addition to starring in the Potato Types video series, Katie created two flavorful new potato salads perfect for serving at springtime get-togethers or for an easy weeknight side:

·Kale and Potato Salad

Petite potatoes and kale work together to create this nutrition-packed dish with more than 500mg of potassium and 190 percent of your daily value of vitamin C in a single serving! The combination of Greek yogurt, gorgonzola and walnuts ensure this salad tastes as good as it sounds.

·Spring Potato Salad

Fresh baby peas and arugula combine with grilled red potatoes make for a colorful and seasonal favorite that you’ll want to serve well into the summer months. Lemon juice, Dijon mustard and a sprinkle of mint top this crisp salad off with a kick of flavor.

Inspired by these salads and want to chat with Katie live? Visit the USPB’s Potatoes, Taters and Spuds Facebook page on Tuesday, April 16 at 5pm PST where Katie will be sharing ideas for infusing color and nutrition into spring recipes and offering tips for cooking with all seven unique potato types.

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Healthy Bites and blogger for the Food Network’s “Healthy Eats,” is the fourth member of the USPB’s panel of “Real Moms, Real Meals,” a Facebook community where moms are encouraged to share real dinnertime solutions. The potato, the base of America’s favorite side dish, is packed with nutritional value. A single, skin-on medium-sized (5.3 ounce) potato has just 110 calories, more potassium than a banana and almost half your daily value of vitamin C (45 percent) and zero fat, sodium or cholesterol.

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