Reviva Labs Aids Center That Saves Ocean Mammals


Health Food Stores nationally, along with their customers, have been invited to join in a campaign to help save injured seals, giant sea turtles, dolphins and whales that wash ashore on New Jersey beaches. The effort has been initiated by Reviva Labs, manufacturer of all-natural skin care products, in Haddonfield, N.J.

In New Jersey, the nonprofit Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine is the only agency involved with rescuing, rehabbing and releasing injured or sick sea mammals that wash ashore helpless along New Jersey’s 1800 mile coastline. Some coastal states have six such agencies. New Jersey has only Brigantine Center.

Among the cuts in the government’s new budget is eliminating “Prescott” funds that are a major portion of the Center’s annual budget-which relies on grants and private donations. After learning of the Stranding Center’s plight, Reviva Labs recently donated a five-figure check to the center.

After visiting the Stranding Center recently, Reviva’s president, Stephen Strassler, learned that among the many supplies used in nursing the injured mammals are Vitamin C, Multi Vitamins, and many other products plus, of course, needed funds.

Thus, Reviva urges the business community, “cruelty free” Bloggers and consumers to help promote donations or product contributions to the center.

For more information, or donations, visit or Reviva Labs Inc.