Research Shows Majority of Americans Don't Feel Ready for Bathing Suit Season


Nutrisystem Inc. revealed the findings of a new survey indicating more than half (59 percent) of Americans, or about 138 million people, don't feel ready for bathing suit season with almost one-quarter (24 percent) indicating they feel pressure to lose weight.

Nutrisystem/Harris Interactive 2012 Spring Dieting Season Poll indicates:
>> Sixty-seven (67 percent) of women don't feel ready for bathing suit season. 

>> Only half of men (50 percent) feel "ready" for bathing suit season, though they are significantly more confident than women (33 percent), especially after age 45.

>> Single US adults indicate a slightly higher level of "readiness" than married US adults (50 percent vs. 39 percent).

>> Those who live in the West (29 percent) are significantly more likely to feel pressure to lose weight than those who live in the Northeast (20 percent).

Feeling the Heat
As the weather warms and bathing suit catalogs and in-store displays surface across the country, Americans are feeling the proverbial heat when it comes to getting "bathing suit-ready." Nutrisystem customers who follow the program's low Glycemic Index (GI) meal plan, have in the past decade alone lost over an estimated 70 million pounds. Some "pressure" can serve as incentive, especially if it's the trigger to start a proven, structured program. As opposed to "winging it," which is what 40 percent of respondents admitted doing as a default diet strategy.

No More Winging It
"The problem with winging it is there's no structure," explains Anthony Fabricatore, PhD, a psychologist and Senior Director of Research and Development at Nutrisystem. "Without a clear plan, it's too easy to rationalize choices that are inconsistent with weight control." According to a survey conducted by National Business Research Institute, dieters following a Nutrisystem program reported losing 43 percent more weight than people dieting on their own.

Additional Nutrisystem/Harris Poll results reveal:
>> Two out of five (40 percent) of Americans admit they "wing it" (ie, don't stick to a formal program) when it comes to dieting.

>> Young adults, ages 18-34, are the most likely to say upcoming events (eg, weddings, reunions) provide incentive to get in shape than any other age group.

What prompts people to finally stop "winging it?"  Sometimes it's getting through, or getting set for, a certain moment in time. For instance, "Super Monday," the day after calorie-rich big game viewing parties, is one of the biggest diet decision days of the year with men inquiring about Nutrisystem every 1.5 seconds. Warming weather and more revealing fashion and swimsuits can also be cause for fast-tracking plans, as can family and school reunions and weddings, all of which are more frequent this time of year.