Research Recommends Adding New Foods to Back-to-School Lunches


According to recent studies, adding new foods to packed lunches and snacks is key to satisfaction among children. In fact, one study published in the Journal of Pediatrics shows that replacing non-nutrient-rich snack foods such as chips with a combination of cheese and vegetables can help reduce calories by 72 percent and keep kids feeling fuller longer. Additionally, the most important nutrients that parents seek when selecting the foods they feed their kids are protein, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D, and iron.

“When building a lunch or snack for parents and kids alike, be sure to include a balance of delicious foods,” said Catherine McCord, author of Weelicious Lunches and, and Mini Babybel Brand Advocate. “For a satisfying lunch that will keep you fuller, longer, I like to start off with protein, like hardboiled eggs or a Mini Babybel cheese. Then, add something sweet and fresh, like a juicy peach.”

Pair a kid and parent-pleasing choice, such as Mini Babybel, a 100 percent natural cheese with a rich and creamy taste, with fruits or vegetables for a back-to-school snack that’s nutrient-rich and sure to satisfy. Good sources of calcium and protein with 70 calories or less, Mini Babybel cheeses have been bringing smiles to the faces of families for 35 years with seven delicious, creamy flavors and unique red wax that seals in flavor and nutrition at its peak. Each small but mighty serving of Mini Babybel cheese delivers 5 to 6 grams of protein, plus 15 percent of your daily calcium needs.

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Source: Bel Brands USA