Relieve Inflammation with Magsoothium


The UBU/Elements Corporation is now offering a new anti-inflammatory product called Magsoothium. This magnesium sulfate-based formulation, which is available as a cream, spray, or crystals, helps to soothe aching muscles, rejuvenate damaged skin, and promote general wellness.

Magsoothium absorbs through the skin and seeks out inflammation, which allows it to get to the source of many health problems. The head of research and development at UBU/Elements is Warren Chambers, a two-time survivor of stomach cancer and a believer in the healing powers of magnesium sulfate for the past 35 years.

"I've been given a second chance to save lives," said Chambers. "Three months ago I had stomach cancer for the second time. The doctors at the Fox Chase Cancer Center said they have never had a patient who had a tumor that large but did not have any cancer cells in the blood. I had been using Magsoothium throughout my treatments."

UBU/Elements already supplies professional sports teams with their magnesium sulfate-based product, "After the Game." These teams include the Houston Texans, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Green Bay Packers, the Carolina Panthers, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Philadelphia Flyers.

"When we were developing this product, we knew that magnesium sulfate was very important for everything on earth including plants," said Dr. Arthur J. Sumrall, a co-developer of Magsoothium and founder of the Longevity Institute of Indiana. "It's important to the entire body and helps to treat many conditions."

As a dermatologist and wellness doctor, Dr. Sumrall has seen Magsoothium alleviate many skin conditions, such as rosacea, rashes, and eczema.