Putting Cancer News in Context for Patients

1-800-Oncologist Inc. successfully launches Contributing Expert program

1-800-Oncologist Inc. announced today the launch of its Contributing Expert program for oncology and radiology specialists.  Members of 1-800-Oncologist's national Contributing Expert network are key opinion leaders in the cancer field that help translate medical news into information patients can understand and act upon.

"We believe one of the keys to publishing relevant news and educating patients is having expert commentary from cancer specialists who are interacting with patients regularly," said Donald W. Hackett, CEO of 1-800-Oncologist Inc. "These cancer experts add main-street sensibilities to medical research, enabling patients to better communicate with their doctors."

According to the American Medical Association, approximately 90 Million Americans do not fully understand the health information given to them by healthcare professionals. Misinformed patients cost the healthcare industry up to $236 billion each year.

"1-800-Oncologist's patient-friendly news is reducing confusion among my patients," said Austin Cancer Center's Dr. Shannon Cox. "My patients can now find accurate health information on our Facebook page, Pinterest board and Twitter channel."

"It is our belief that an informed patient is a healthier, less expensive patient," Hackett added. "When patients ask more meaningful questions, they improve patient-provider conversations."