Protecting Seniors During Older Americans Month


May, which has been nationally designated as Older Americans Month, provides the National Crime Prevention Council (along with McGruff the Crime Dog) and AlertID the opportunity to share important new safety tips to protect seniors.

According to the Administration on Aging, the older population is defined as persons 65 years or older, and there will be about 72.1 million older persons by 2030, representing 19 percent of the population. With an increasing number of older persons comprising the overall US population, elder fraud and abuse are only going to become more prevalent, widespread threats.

"Unfortunately, many seniors feel ashamed and embarrassed or do not possess the capacity to report the crimes," said Ann Harkins, President and CEO, National Crime Prevention Council. "And the result is that crimes against seniors are heavily underreported and thus people don't realize how prevalent the crime is."

Ms. Harkins will unveil NCPC's new elder abuse and elder fraud prevention tips and materials on May 16, 2013, at the 19th Annual Older Americans Information and Health Fair sponsored by the Dallas Area Agency on Aging and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit. These new tips can be found at and also include AlertID and NCPC's tips on everything from elder abuse and fraud to child safety and cyberbullying.

This important month also provides the opportunity to celebrate the ongoing contributions of seniors and recognize what they can do to protect our communities. Retired neighbors are better able to spend time watching out for their neighbors and tend to be very vigilant in helping to keep communities free from crime. Many of AlertID's most active members are seniors. These members often play a significant role in reducing and preventing crime in their areas by sharing or posting information about suspicious activities and other important information for neighbors through AlertID.

Keli Wilson, Founder of AlertID, reminds citizens that, "Older Americans Month is a time to celebrate our seniors and the great things they can do to improve the safety of our communities as well as to raise awareness of the National Crime Prevention Council and AlertID's efforts to improve the safety of seniors from abuse and fraud."