Powerful Antioxidant Herb Promotes Relaxation and Total Body Health

For centuries, Honokiol, an active ingredient in Magnolia tree bark, has been used in traditional Asian practices to support healthy cells, relaxation and more. Now, nutraceutical pioneer EcoNugenics, Inc., is proud to offer the most highly purified Honokiol dietary supplement on the market. At 98 percent purity, HonoPure provides a comprehensive cellular health solution, powerful antioxidant support and gentle relaxation, all in one.

"As a researcher and integrative health expert, I am constantly searching for the safest, most effective, scientifically-substantiated ingredients," said formulator and EcoNugenics founder, Isaac Eliaz, MD, "With its impact on cellular health, antioxidant activity and more, HonoPure is a remarkably dynamic botanical extract, supporting long-term health."

Derived from Magnolia officinalis bark, Honokiol is a powerful polyphenol compound that absorbs quickly into the circulation, providing comprehensive, total-body benefits. Its small molecular size allows it to cross the blood-brain barrier to deliver significant support for cognitive health. HonoPure is safe for everyday use, offering an ideal daily supplement for targeted areas of health, as well as overall vitality and wellness.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that Honokiol provides cellular health support in different tissues, including lung, breast, colon, liver and prostate. Honokiol is also a potent antioxidant, with studies showing that it is 1,000 times more powerful than vitamin E. By putting the brakes on unstable molecules called free radicals, Honokiol supports numerous health functions.

One of Honokiol's most ancient uses is to promote relaxation and a healthy mood. Pure Honokiol supports gentle relaxation, a sense of wellbeing and restful sleep. By working with important neurotransmitters, Honokiol helps calm occasional anxiety and pave the way for refreshing, rejuvenating sleep.

Its ancient success record and wide range of applications set Honokiol apart as one of the most versatile botanical supplements available today. With advanced extraction methods ensuring the highest quality and purity Honokiol, EcoNugenics is proud to offer HonoPure: a powerful daily supplement which delivers broad-spectrum support for numerous areas of health.

To learn more about HonoPure from EcoNugenics, visit Honopure.com or call 1-800-308-5518.