Pet Supplements Gaining Popularity

Top Veterinary-Recommended Brands Now Available at Emerson Ecologics

To support a proactive and balanced approach to all members of a family, the Emerson Ecologics offers professional nutritional supplements for all customers—people and pets. Emerson Ecologics is a one-stop shop for practitioners, including veterinarians, offering the most comprehensive range of nutritional supplement brands, with thousands of products from over 250 of the world's top manufacturers.

Emerson Ecologics carries professional veterinary and retail pet nutritional supplement brands which include Ayurvedic, homeopathic and botanical formulas in the following categories: behavior support, joint and bone health, liver support, essential fatty acids, probiotics, digestive support, and multivitamin supplements. Top veterinary-recommended brands featured are Nutramax Laboratories, PetAlive by Native Remedies, Pro Pets, Rx Vitamins for Pets, and Vetri-Science Laboratories. Pro Pets, a Sedona Labs brand, is available exclusively through Emerson Ecologics.

"Pets are important members of a family," commented Christine Toomasi, ND, Medical Educator at Emerson Ecologics, "and people are seeking new ways to maintain their pet's quality of life. Holistic pet healthcare utilizing nutritional supplements that support canine and feline health is a good way to complement an animal's conventional veterinary care. Good nutrition plays a key role in everyone's health. Cats and dogs can suffer from some of the same common conditions as people; and their health can be optimized with some of the same ingredients."

"Emerson is committed to supporting the health of every member of the family," said Andy Greenawalt, Emerson Ecologics CEO. "High-quality dietary supplements are important for all patients, so our pet supplement brands go through the same on-boarding screening process as all our other professional brands. We look forward to continuing to expand our dietary supplement offerings for pets."

Continuing its commitment to the highest quality standards for pet supplements, Emerson Ecologics is focusing on NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) certified brands. In addition to the above brands, the company also represents: American BioSciences, Ayush Herbs, BioMed Foods, Kan Herbs, Nelson Bach, Ness Enzymes, Newton for Pets, and Nordic Naturals.

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