The Pain Whisperer Treats Chronic Pain Without Surgery Like the One Jeremy Lin Will Undergo

Dr. Tom Chi says his breakthrough therapy cures chronic pain with a "snap of the fingers" and is a better choice than surgery

Jeremy Lin is scheduled to undergo surgery for his knee within the week and will be down for six weeks, ending his season. Tom Chi, also known as The Pain Whisperer and star of the upcoming reality TV series of the same name, offers a remarkable alternative therapy to this type of surgery.

In this teaser video for the show we see real patients with chronic pain before and after one treatment with his Supertouch therapy.

Chi has treated perhaps a thousand similar injuries to the one afflicting Lin and explains that "while the tests show a torn meniscus, that is not the source of most pain. Often when the meniscus is repaired the pain persists. Most meniscus repairs will never heal due to how the blood is supplied."

Chi says the meniscus tear is no doubt quite real; however, excepting when a piece has torn off and is blocking the joint, the pain usually comes from adhesions in the tendons which insert into the back of the knee. By repairing those tissues with his Pain Whisperer hands he provides immediate lasting relief from pain regardless of any tears in the meniscus.

The Pain Whisperer super-sensitized his hands using esoteric kung fu exercises and his results are usually spectacular for injuries and pain even after years of therapy and failed surgeries. Chi can feel the injury as if it is a 3d exploded view and uses his hands to reprocess the injury so that it no longer exists and pain is gone immediately and doesn't come back. Dr. David Garrison, MD: "Tom Chi is the real deal."

"The treatment causes no harm and saves patients from needing surgery. Even with surgery patients can still have the pain. Most patients cancel their surgeries and remain pain-free after one treatment," says Chi. Dr. Umar Chaudry, MD: "Tom cured my extreme chronic pain like it was nothing!"

Chi has done 80,000 treatments and cured hundreds of patients who were slated to have hip or knee replacements using this amazing cure. He tells us the pain is not from the worn joints. "Even with little or no cartilage our patients have no more pain and a year later they are still pain-free. Arthritis is forever but pain can be eliminated on the spot!"

Tom Chi is a Master of kung fu and acupuncture and was on staff at Catskill Regional Hospital. His patients fly in from around the world and usually get fast-lasting relief from difficult pain after years of therapy and failed surgeries.

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