Pack a Lunch, Avoid Eating Out


Weight loss is a common goal for thousands of individuals throughout the United States. While the truth is that the combination of a healthy meal plan, regular exercise routine, and a weight loss supplement is the best way to approach any weight loss effort, there are other changes that a dieter can make to improve their success. One of these changes, according to NBC News, is to skip eating lunch out and, instead, pack a lunch from home.

The article reports that opting to cook one's own food, instead of dining at fast food joints or restaurants, is the best way to maximize efforts regarding a healthy diet.

"Eating meals in restaurant[s] may result in lack of control over calorie intake," notes the article. "Women who ate lunch outside their home at least once a week lost five fewer pounds on average, compared with those who ate out less often. The more meals out that women ate, particularly lunches, the less weight the women lost. And fast food can't be blamed, according to the study, because only 10 percent of participants reported frequenting fast-food restaurants."

The bottom line, then, is maintaining an understanding of how many calories are consumed to better manage a weight loss plan. According to the makers of Hydroxycut, having greater control and tracking the food that is consumed will assist in making healthier choices and sticking to an established weight loss routine. Diners who opt to eat out, regardless of if they choose to visit a local fast food joint or a sit-down restaurant, give up the control they need to ensure that their meals meet their dietary goals.

In a recent press statement, the makers of Hydroxycut remarks: "Eating out is, for many people, more about the experience than about the actual food. While it is certainly nice to have someone else cook the meal and clean up after it's over, it is possible to create a similar experience in the home while maintaining control over caloric intake."