Organic Baby Formula Sets New Industry Standard for Purity


Nature's One, the leader in organic medical nutrition continues to pursue its mission to make organic better.  Today the company confirms its organic-compliant filtration technology reduces speciated arsenic found in organic brown rice syrup to undetectable levels. 

"Nature's One was founded on the principle of ensuring our products are formulated with the purest ingredients possible," says Nature's One CEO, Jay Highman.  "Our advanced process establishes the highest purity standard for rice used in organic infant foods and formulas."

"The benefits of organic brown rice syrup are well-established.  It provides an essential source of energy to support rapid brain and muscle development the first three years of life," adds Highman.

This year researchers published health concerns regarding arsenic levels found in infant formulas, baby foods, and fruit juices sold in the United States. Scientists assert that exposure to arsenic is unavoidable -- it can be found in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and even in breast milk.

The EPA established a maximum safe limit for arsenic in drinking water at 10 parts per billion, which is based on an estimate of daily water consumption over a lifetime of exposure. Currently there are no FDA regulations that define permissible levels of arsenic in foods.*  Nature's One patent-pending technology filters environmental arsenic in organic brown rice syrup to undetectable levels at testing limits of less than four parts per billion.

Highman challenges other infant formula and baby food manufacturers to begin testing for and eliminating potentially harmful environmental pollutants from their ingredients, as well. "It is also critical that our industry stop using controversial additives in infant formula and baby foods, such as hexane-extracted DHA and ingredients derived from genetically-modified organisms.  It's everyone's responsibility to take extra precautions in order to protect our most vulnerable consumers -- infants and toddlers."