One in Five Women Will Experience a Mood or Anxiety Disorder While Pregnant or After Giving Birth (PPD)


Up to one out of every five pregnant and new mothers will experience prenatal or postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety.  Most women are undiagnosed and inadequately treated, if treated at all. This can have devastating effects on women and families. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, untreated PPD and prenatal depression can lead to increased medical costs, inappropriate medical care, discontinuation of breastfeeding, child abuse, and neglect.  Support groups can be an effective way to help prevent these negative consequences.  Unfortunately, women with PPD and other maternal mood disorders frequently struggle to find a group that overcomes barriers of geographical location, traffic, timing, and childcare. 

Regroup Therapy is excited to enable women to find support, through the launch of its video support groups.  These groups facilitate live interaction between women suffering from PPD/Anxiety and preeminent therapist-moderators.  These online sessions are easy to participate in, and unite women struggling with mood or anxiety concerns like PPD from the comfort of their own homes.  The sessions are moderated by therapists with specific expertise in maternal mental health and provide women with a supportive experience to promote healing and health.

These sessions also offer participants with PPD and other maternal mood disorders the invaluable opportunity to empathize with and learn from others who share their challenges. These groups will provide an opportunity to practice new skills and develop action plans for healing.