Offer Kids a Heart Healthy Snack


There is no arguing that now is a good time to get kids to make heart healthy choices.  Nearly one in three American kids and teens are either overweight or obese; nearly triple the rate in 1963. So serve up a wholesome snack that kids really do love to eat—Grapple brand apples.

Any parent will tell you, if you give kids a healthy choice that tastes good they'll eat it and if its unique or something new—all the better. Imagine the sweet distinctive flavor of Concord grapes combined with the crispness of a fresh, juicy Washington State apple and you have a healthy snack kids really enjoy and won't throw away.

Grapple brand apples are as healthy as if just picked off a tree. They begin either as a Washington State Gala or Fuji apple. Through a complex, patented process, these apples are gently bathed with an ingredient mix that is primarily grape flavor and pure water. Through the process the apples take on the grape flavor, which doesn't add any extra sugar, calories, carbohydrates or anything else.

In fact the apples maintain their natural supply of vitamins, minerals, nutrients & fiber and the nutrition found in a Grapple closely resembles that of any apple. They do not contain soy, gluten or wheat based products. They are not genetically altered in any way. The process of making a Grāpple takes place after the fruit has been received from the orchards. All ingredients are USDA and FDA approved and the process has been licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Grapple brand apples are widely available in grocery stores nationwide from October through May. They are sold in a 4-pack clamshell with an average MSRP of $3.49-5.99 or in a 4-pack poly sleeve with an average MSRP of $2.99-$3.99. Find a store at