Nutrilys Del Mar Offers a Natural Alternative to the Flu Shot


Nutrilys Del Mar is offering a holistic approach to staying healthy and avoiding viruses this flu season in the form of Shark Liver Oil supplements. For those that choose not to receive the flu shot for various reasons, incorporating shark liver oil into their daily diets boosts their immune system the natural way. Nutrilys Del Mar offers a high quality Shark Liver Oil supplement that has been backed by more than 40 clinical studies.

“When locating a top Shark Liver Oil supplement, shoppers should never settle for cheap imitations,” said Nutrilys Del Mar founder Thierry Lerond. “We really only want the best for our bodies, especially when it comes to enhancing our immune systems during the flu season.”

The health benefits of Shark Liver Oil have been backed by 60 years of extensive clinical research. For centuries, Shark Liver Oil has been used by fishermen as a natural remedy to fight against illness and disease. Shark Liver Oil is an abundant source of Alkylglycerols, a natural substance capable of stimulating the immune system, detoxifying the body, and warding off infections and diseases.

"I have been using Shark Liver Oil with cancer patients, with patients with chronic diseases, with all kinds of patients. The result has been remarkable because the patients' quality of life improved immediately, just one or two weeks after beginning Shark Liver Oil treatment," said Hans Nieper, world- renowned cancerologist, MD, PhD

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