Nordic Naturals: Buy One, Pass it On Campaign


This holiday season, Nordic Naturals is proud to promote the “Buy One, Pass it On” campaign, which seeks to provide Ultimate Omega products to veterans and soldiers, both stateside and abroad. From October 1st through December 31st, every bottle of Nordic Naturals fish oil* sold in retail stores earns one bottle of Ultimate Omega to be donated to the troops. Watch this passionate video, which describes the promotion in more detail:

By providing access to high quality omega-3 fish oil, Nordic Naturals is helping contribute to the prevention of PTSD and other neurological stress disorders, often experienced after intense trauma or emotional stress. Yatsuka Matsuoka, a researcher at the National Center for Neurology and Psychiatry, was quoted in the US Journal of Medicine saying “Based on the animal research to date, omega-3 fatty acids are the most promising candidate for dietary intervention in the aftermath of a traumatic event to facilitate adult hippocampal neurogenesis.” To read more on this study, please visit

*The following fish oil products are eligible for this promotion: Ultimate Omega, Complete Omega, Omega-3, Children’s DHA, or Nordic Berries.